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Product Liability: Failure to Warn

Injured because of an inadequate warning label?

The privilege of placing products into the stream of commerce that involves millions of consumers comes with an enormous responsibility.

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When product manufacturers place products into the marketplace which malfunction and cause injury or death to consumers, the responsible parties can be brought to justice in the courts.

Failure to Warn as a Cause for Liability

A "failure to warn" is a common cause for the resulting liability brought upon those manufacturers. The warning labels that we so often remove from our clothing, electronics, and other consumer goods we use everyday have a much higher significance than we as consumers usually understand.

When the warnings on those labels or materials are insufficiently or carelessly written, and injuries occur from the proper, intended use of those products, it gives rise to a product liability claim for the failure to warn.

As a consumer, you have the right to sue a negligent manufacturer.

If you or a loved one has been injured while using a product, please carefully consider the fact that there may be liability on the part of the manufacturer in the cause of that injury. Many of us will downplay the situation, either being embarrassed or not wanting to go through what we may think is an arduous process of litigation. Or you may think that your injury is too minor for you to pursue a claim.

If the product manufacturer or some entity in the supply chain is responsible for your injuries, not only are you entitled to compensation, but many believe that it is our civic responsibility to bring these events to light. Unfortunately, the only way these unsafe products will be improved in the future or removed from the market to safeguard others is to bring a claim against those responsible.

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