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Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Shreveport Motorcycle Accident Attorney Helps Determine Liability

If a driver has displayed any level of negligence that caused an accident with a motorcycle and resulted in an injury to the motorcyclist, they should be held responsible for the costs associated not only with the repair of your vehicle, but also for the costly financial responsibilities associated with recovery.

Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has experience in working with personal injury victims throughout Shreveport to return the highest compensation possible by building air-tight, compelling cases that may be able to effectively identify the responsible, negligent parties while also arguing for the kind of financial compensation that will leave you and your loved one's protected for many years to come. As we build a claim on your behalf, it is important to have an understanding of the type of accident that resulted in your injuries.

Scenarios that Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are at a much higher risk for injury in an accident than drivers and passengers in other vehicles such as cars or commercial trucks. One glaring cause of the increased injury risk to motorcyclists is the fact that motorcycles simply don't have the same capability for safety and protection as other vehicles. Another important factor is that many drivers simply do not know how to behave in close proximity to motorcyclists, which can be the cause of a wide variety of different types of motorcycle accidents.

Although all types of motorcycle accidents can be devastating for motorcyclists who are mismatched against a heavy, powerful car or commercial vehicle, there are a few distinct accident scenarios that are the most common. Rear-end collisions can occur quite easily when vehicles, for whatever reason, collide with motorcycles after a failure to stop behind them. Motorcycles also fit nicely into the blind spot for many drivers, which can lead to lane changes that impact motorcyclists.

Other complications, such as obstacles put up by property owners or poorly-maintained construction projects, can cause big problems for bikers. Perhaps the most common type of motorcycle accident, however, occurs when drivers simply do not see the motorcyclist.

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