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Dangerous Medications and Defective or Recalled Drugs

First you see glowing advertisements on the benefits of using a pharmaceutical product for sleeplessness, anxiety, weight loss or depression. A few years later, you may hear that the very same drug is now recalled due to the amount of injury and loss of life its use has caused.

This pattern continues despite tight regulation by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) concerning the testing and closely supervised clinical trials which must be conducted and the results reported when a drug company wants to put a new product on the market. If you have suffered injury because of a dangerous drug, you need to consult a Shreveport personal injury attorney from our firm about filing a claim for damages.

Drug-Related Illnesses & Injuries

Doctors know that some medications often interact with other medications in a dangerous or even deadly way. Oftentimes, even a doctor can be unaware of the possible side effects of newer medications. They depend upon the FDA to carefully screen pharmaceuticals for being too dangerous to use. They must depend upon the pharmaceutical company which manufactures the product to inform them of both the benefits and the risks connected with each drug. Unfortunately, even common over the counter (OTC) medications can have serious and even fatal side effects, some far more deadly than the condition they were meant to alleviate.

The following, and other so-called psychiatric drugs, have proven to cause suicidal and homicidal tendencies after use:

  • Mood-elevators
  • Anti-depressants

Pharmaceuticals touted to relieve sleep difficulties, asthma and allergies have been found to cause kidney damage, liver failure, stroke, cancer and other catastrophic injuries. It has become the job of a dangerous drug lawyer to protect the public from defective pharmaceutical products. Anyone who has been injured or the surviving family of anyone who has suffered a fatal event from using a dangerous medication may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

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