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Determining Liability in a Car Accident Claim

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Liability is an important issue in serious accidents where someone is injured or a wrongful death occurs. Liability involves the financial and legal obligations owed to the victims by the person who is proven to be liable, or accountable. If the injured person, or family member of the deceased is able to prove that negligence or reckless behavior of an individual or other entity was the cause of the injuries suffered, that person could be ordered by a court to compensate the injured parties.

Proving the Other Party's Liability

Proving liability in a car accident is different than proving liability in a medical malpractice claim or other incident that causes serious personal injury, which is something that a Shreveport car wreck lawyer at our firm can assist you with. Call our firm today to discuss your case and begin pursuing the damages you deserve.

Determining Negligence After a Car Wreck

Negligence means a failure to use reasonable care. For example, if you are injured in a drunk driving accident, the drunk driver was not using reasonable care when he/she got behind the wheel of the car and drove. A driver that is texting while driving is not using reasonable care for the safety of others. If it can be shown that the accident, injuries or wrongful death would not have occurred if reasonable care had been taken by the driver, then those injured may bring a personal injury lawsuit or file a claim against the negligent party(s).

It can be a simple matter to establish and prove liability, or it can be a complex issue requiring professional accident investigators or other resources. There are many factors that need to be examined in order to clearly show the court that another person or corporation is liable. These are the skills of a Shreveport car accident attorney. The attorneys at our firm, Morris, Dewett & Savoie, LLC, have been helping people in personal injury cases for more than a combined 70 years.

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