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Tenant Files Suit Against Apartment Complex, Claims Toxic Mold Exposure

A Gretna mother with minor children is suing an insurance company and apartment complex over health issues that she blames on toxic mold. Her lawsuit states that she had alerted the property manager about problems with the residence, issues that were never fixed. Accordingly, she claims, she and her children suffered health problems due to toxic mold, such as flu-like issues, and sinus and lung problems. She is thus suing for medical bills, loss of insurability, physical and mental suffering, disability, and more, based on charges of failure keep up the property, failure to safeguard tenants from hazards, and for disregard of tenants' welfare.

Toxic mold lawsuits can be won, but they can be tricky. The issue is that mold is not conclusively linked to many health issues, but it has been known to especially harm those who already have problems with their immune system, or with respiratory issues, such as asthma or a lung condition. Mold can trigger allergies, and it has been linked with aspergillosis, a lung disease.

Then there is the fact that landlords have the duty to fix leaks on a tenant's property; leaks are what most often lead to mold. In fact, some lease or rental agreements could have a mold clause in them. Tenants might then be able to prove that a landlord is liable for mold. They will not have a case, however, if they contributed to or cause the mold themselves, through actions such as closing off the apartment and making it humid or not keeping the place clean.

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