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Have You Received a Dangerous Botox Injection?

Centuries and even decades ago, woman and men were required to age as nature so desired. Whether or not this meant gray hair in your twenties, or sagging checks and dark circles under the eyes, it happened and there was nothing that people could do about it. Science has allowed us today to discover many new methods to keep our bodies looking strong and healthy for the rest of our days, or at least until it is time for another session. Science has allowed people to receive instant tans when they feel their skin is too pale, Botox injections when wanting that anti-wrinkle, pick-me-up, and so many others.

While these more recent discoveries are exciting for those people who want to keep their youthfulness alive, they may come at devastating costs. According to CBS Local news, there has been a recent list by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stating that there are eight different Botox providing companies that have been recently placed on the “Bad List.” According to the reports, over 350 different medical providers have recent been warned about this bad list of providers, stating that these companies are believed to have used drugs by foreign suppliers.

At this point, 2 plastic surgeons, 1 dermatologist, 3 oral surgeons and one spa have been discovered as distributors of this possibly dangerous substance. Sadly, if a drug is not properly approved, this could lead to potentially life threatening results for the users. If you or someone you know has been a recipient of a Botox drugs by a provider on the list, or has otherwise been made ill from a medical treatment or pharmaceutical prescription, contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, today at our firm. We are an experienced group of personal injury attorneys that are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve after a wrongful injury. Contact us today to learn more, we would love to begin the process of fighting for what you deserve after an injury.