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Sustaining a serious injury at the hands of a negligent party or individual can be a devastating experience, and no one understands that better than the legal team at Morris, Dewett & Savoie, LLC. Not only may you be in constant pain, but you may need to temporarily foot the bill for the various expenses associated with an injury, as well—including the cost of your hospital stay, the cost of repairing your vehicle and/or the cost of ongoing rehabilitative treatment. For this reason, our firm is willing to do whatever we can to make the subsequent process as painless as possible. We understand that, during the time of your recovery, you may be incapable of traveling to meet us at our office, but fortunately, the attorneys at our firm are more than willing to come to you.

Whether you are located in Shreveport, LA or in a surrounding area, we will work with you to come up with a time and location that is best suited for your needs. Our firm is focused solely on the well-being of our clients, so we would like the opportunity to relieve some of the stress that has been placed atop your shoulders. We want your attention to be focused on the matter of your recovery, so if that means that we will need to come to you, that's exactly what we will do. From there, we can work in partnership with you to come up with a viable plan of attack, and then move forward in pursuing the rightful compensation that you deserve. To set up a meeting with an experienced injury lawyer from Simmons, Morris & Carroll LLC today, we prompt you to give us a call as soon as possible.

How do I contact Morris, Dewett & Savoie, LLC?

At our firm, we understand that an unexpected injury can happen at any time. For this reason, we have made ourselves available to our clients in a variety of different ways, at almost any time of the day. For a free and confidential consultation, you have the option of sending us an e-mail with some basic information about your case. By taking the time to quickly fill out the form that is located at the right-hand side of our website, you can expect to hear back from us in a timely manner with the answers that you are looking for. For a more personalized experience, however, we prompt you to call our office directly and schedule a consultation. We are available to see you on the weekends and even during the evening, whether it be in our office or at a location of your choice. Call today for further information.

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